Tracy (she/her)

Tracy specializes in nail and brow services. She offers top-quality service to each client revealing the best features of every client. She loves making people pretty and is an excellent communicator. You will love Tracy’s attention to detail.

Tracy is a licensed cosmetologist in Colorado with 25 years of experience. She received her education in each modality individually, as well as several post-educational certifications in Aesthetics. Tracy was a regional educator for ILIKE Organic Skincare, worked in several fashion shows in Denver, and is experienced in every corner of the beauty industry. Tracy has a broad range of knowledge and is familiar with a vast amount of beauty products and techniques that will help you look your best.

Tracy was the Training manager at Tootsie’s The Nail Shoppe. Her role was hiring, education, and sanitation control. Tracy wrote and implemented an award-winning protocol during her time at Tootsies.

Tracy loves to cook, watch movies, and spend lots of time with her beautiful funny daughter.